Vendor Booth & Regulations

  1. DO NOT- under any circumstances, feed, approach, follow, entice, harass, shout at an alligator in any way. It is vital to keep all trash and food in the garbage cans for your safety and everyone involved.
  2. Watch out for alligators, snakes, bees, and other wildlife.
  3. All booth spaces will be designated.
  4. You exhibit at your own risk. All vendors must sign a Liability Waiver before setting up booth.
  5. Vendors must be in a space by specified time and have minimum 5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher.
  6. No smoking is preferred.
  7. No soliciting or peddling outside booth is permitted. No “hawking” or shouting from booth.
  8. No loud music is allowed unless otherwise permitted by Okefenokee Swamp Park event organizers in advance.
  9. Firearms are not permitted inside the park.
  10. Food Vendors must submit a complete, itemized list of menu items being sold. Food menus must be approved in advance and no additions will be made without prior approval. The committee will review and limit items to reduce duplication.
  11. You are required to clean your area before leaving. Vendors cooking with oil must use floor coverings, sand or other absorbent materials. Do not pour oil or grease within park.
  12. Any vendor not complying with the above-listed regulations will be asked to vacate the event and no refund will be given. The Okefenokee Swamp Park event organizers reserve the right to make any changes or additions.